4gotten_love_ (4gotten_love_) wrote in corsette_love,

perpetual bliss


Name: Jen
Age: 17
Sex: mmmmmmmmhm
Location: MA
Preference: penis

*5 bands: green day, los lonley boys, nirvana, marcys playground, ben harper
*5 movies: The Girl Next Door, It, Rose Red, Cadyshack, Ghost Ship
* favorite memory: when i skipped school to go to Boston to see shaun <3 and had a wonderful double experience
* something personal and embrassing: im afraid of being alone in the dark
*virgin?: haha nooooooooooope
* biggest regret: having andydrew over and gettin caught
*name your sexual fanatsy (everyone has one don't lie to us): on the beach in corseca avec cj
* favorite position?: dunno wat its call but legs around the neck
* describe your favrotie pair of underwear: my hot pink silk one duh
*3 pictures (no photoshopped for App): one anything:
one corset: dont have one yet but im the mod so i win
one clear face pic:
**you do own a corest right?: of ocurse
* describe your favorite: black with pinkness
*words to bang by (sexy quote): i may not be fred flinstone but i bet i can make your bed rock
*prefereed accesory or toy: haha blind fold

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