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it doesnt really matter what i say or do here because im co-manager bitchessss


Name: Meredith Anne
Age: 16
Sex: she
Location: nine.7.eight....up in mass hole territory
Preference: i love me some men

*5 bands: rascal flatts, ken chez, blondie, dmb, steve miller band, savage garden, nirvana
*5 movies: the girl nextdoor, chicago, oceans 11, ms congeniality, how to loose a guy in 10 days
* favorite memory: hmmm....
* something personal and embrassing: i have ugly feet
*virgin?: nah
* biggest regret: oakmont last year
*name your sexual fanatsy (everyone has one don't lie to us): hot and rough on a pool table
* favorite position?: some say its better on if they'll ever know
* describe your favrotie pair of underwear: yaay its a black satiny/silky thong wih a double strat around and rhinestones
*3 pictures (no photoshopped for App): one anything:
one corset:
one clear face pic:

**you do own a corest right?:
a couple
* describe your favorite: black with small red embrodiered flowers (see pics)
*words to bang by (sexy quote): if its not true love and its not great sex then its not worth it
*prefereed accesory or toy: bring out the body frosting :-*

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